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Burn That Bridge

I realized today that I am very fortunate. My real-life social circle is tight. We have different opinions but we share the same core values and beliefs. And that means I don’t have to endure awkward conversations with bigots, racists, sexists, and homophobes. I just don’t. They aren't allowed into my home or to prattle on at work or show up at family gatherings. Those people are no longer part of my life. But today, I’m thinking about my many Facebook friends that *do* put up with that shit. They hear their family members and close friends say all kinds of horrible things about people that they see as different or somehow inferior. And they try again and again to build bridges only to be shot down as “libtards” or “snowflakes.” I’m sorry you all deal with that. You must have your reasons, but please know that you don’t have to go through life burdened by that crap. You don’t have to be an emotional punching bag for people who lack decency and compassion for other people if those o

Love's Promise

In a quaint and peaceful suburban neighborhood, where the soft rustling of leaves and the melodious chirping of birds provided a soothing backdrop to daily life, lived a man named Alex. His presence was like a gentle breeze that swept through the community, bringing warmth and kindness to all who crossed his path.  Alex was a remarkable soul, known for his boundless compassion and the depth of his love. He lived his life authentically, openly embracing his identity as a gay man, and in doing so, he became an embodiment of courage and authenticity for those around him. His home was a haven of acceptance, a place where friends and neighbors felt embraced for who they truly were.  But amidst the calm of his suburban existence, Alex had discovered something even more extraordinary—a love that would come to define his life in the most profound way. This love story began when Alex's heart met the heart of a Marine named Daniel, a man whose very presence exuded honor, strength, and unwave

Goodnight and Goodbye

Saturday dawned with the familiar warmth of a typical southern summer morning. As he sat on the porch swing, a gentle breeze brushed against his skin, providing a momentary respite from the impending heat. The world around him was still, a tranquil calm before the sun's relentless rays would make their presence known. With each passing minute, he could sense the temperature steadily rising, a subtle shift in the air that hinted at the sweltering day ahead. The porch, his sanctuary of comfort, offered a brief respite from the impending heat, with its shade and the gentle sway of the swing.  As he leisurely sipped his coffee, its rich aroma mingling with the scent of dew-kissed grass, he couldn't help but take in the peaceful serenity of the morning. The world seemed to be waking up in slow motion, with nature itself taking its time to stretch and greet the day. His gaze wandered across the landscape, searching for any signs of life beyond his own. The houses that usually bustled

This Man (for Ric)

I watch him sometimes He doesn’t know I’m there I see everything on his face His endless list of things to do The weight he carries The worry he feels This life can be so hard I can’t shield him from that And it hurts my heart To see pain in his eyes  I watch him, this man And I can only love him With all that I am And hope that will be enough To ease his burdens As he works to ease mine

Welcome, Friends.

Welcome to my new website. It's finally happening, I have written a book and it will soon be available via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Please watch this space for more updates this week. Here we go!