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On the Subway

In the subway's bustling crowd, our eyes first met, Amidst the ceaseless rhythms, a chance encounter set. Two souls, like wanderers in a labyrinth, sought to connect, An unspoken duet, an interesting prospect. Day by day we stood in silence, worlds apart, Each passenger a universe, a separate work of art. Yet in that bustling hub, our orbits gently overlapped, Hearts entwined in secret, a love's intricate map. A symphony of footsteps, a cacophony of sound, And within the chaos, our love silently profound. Each fleeting glance kindling flames, burning bright, A cosmic collision, a fortuitous light. A magnetic force that defies distance and blight, Drawing us together, like day into night. With hopeful whispers dancing on invisible air, Our souls embraced the possibility of a love affair. The train's mechanical heartbeat, its steady refrain, Mirrored the rhythm of a love that knew no chain. We dared to dream within the underground's embrace, A love's unspoken art, etched on time and space. As the subway carried us through tunnels of fate, Our bond grew stronger, never to abate. For in that bustling crowd, our love found its start, An unspoken duet that would forever fill our hearts.